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P. Heyler

MAT has helped our family tremendously. I never got resolution from physical therapy and realized the missing piece was MAT. Now, I just need occasional tune ups. MAT has helped with acute sports injuries such as sprained ankles my kids suffered. Additionally, my 16 year old plays soccer and he does MAT twice a month during the season and it helps keep him on the field. Erik has been great and I am so thankful that he is always willing to help, does his best to accommodate our busy schedules, and is very supportive of us staying healthy and achieving our goals. He is a huge blessing!

L. Veveto

We came to see Erik for my daughter's hip pain. As a dancer, she had experienced several injuries and the hip pain just never got better. Like a lot of people, we had tried the traditional route. Regular doctor? Check. Chiropractor? Check. Physical therapist? Check. While each had good information and provided some relief, none of them really helped us get to an actual solution. 

Then we heard about MAT. When we looked into it, it sounded perfect, but also too good to be true. After one visit, her left hip pain was gone! Fixed. Muscles working like they should without pain. Our second visit took care of the residual pain on the right side. All by restoring proper brain-to-muscle connection. I recommend Erik and MAT for anyone experiencing pain and you want your problem actually fixed. It's not magic (although it's close), he's just restoring the function we're supposed to have.

And he's great with kids, which can be hard to find.

Stan T.

WOW! What an eye opener!. Hannah is a very fit athlete and competes at a pretty high level, yet during your first analysis, you discovered many many muscles NOT activated thus a lot of "compensation" was being done by some muscles. Through your activation she has remained injury free and at the top of her performance expectations. She has qualified this year at age 14 for the USATF National meet held in Sacramento, CA in two events.

We look forward to continue your services as Hannah begins her high school career playing volleyball, basketball and track.

We appreciate you working with Hannah and are grateful for your expertise.

George L.

I did not sleep more than four hours a night due to neck pain and had neck discomfort all day for months due to a serious car accident. I thought, may as well give Erik – MAT a try, he help our athlete daughters on multiple occasions.  I was a skeptic, I knew he could help athletes but my situation was different.  I was resolved to the idea I would have to live with the outcome from the accident. Thanks to GetMATFit I don’t, I am on the path to normal life and function!  If you have muscle discomfort or pain, I highly recommend giving Erik with MAT a try.

Louise S.

I have used Erik for Muscle Activation for over a year now. He does a wonderful job. I had a lot of neck and back issues and I use a chiropractor.  After my chiropractic treatments I  have Erik work on me. MAT helps hold the adjustment in place. After a year of work I am pain free and have full range of motion of my neck and back. I now have the proper curve back in my neck and lower back. I also sprained my ankle and was on crutches. Erik worked on my ankle and I was able to quickly put weight on it and was in much less pain. He is great to work with and listens to me and addresses my needs.  

I have used MAT for me and my family for about 15 years. Both my children were athletes in high school and my daughter a college and post collegiate athlete. MAT kept them performing at the top of their game.  It helped them recover from numerous injuries rapidly and better than physical therapy.  I highly recommend MAT and Erik!

S. McKinney

Muscle Activation Techniques with Erik has been amazing for my family. My son went his 6th and 7th grade years barely being able to play sports due to his knees being in pain during and after he would finish playing a game. We went to the doctor and physical therapy numerous times with absolutely nothint being effective. A friend gave me Erik's number and after literally 1 appointment with MAT, my son could do movements he could not do for years. He could play entire games with absolutely no pain. To this day,  my son and daughter use Erik and MAT just to keep their muscles fresh. This is absolutely a gift from God and I would recommend MAT and Erik to anyone.

Anna H.

MAT is the natural way to support and strengthen the body. After one session I experienced increased mobility and decreased pain from a chronic problem. 

When I started working with Erik, I felt hope for the first time in years that there could be an end of the muscular tension and pain that I carried in my neck and shoulders. After my first MAT session I felt like my body was easier to support.  I felt stable and strong. It seemed almost like my body didn't weigh as much or was easier to carry. Then, Erik gave me a series of exercises that I could do on my own to activate my muscles. I appreciate a practitioner who is willing to listen to me, address exactly what I have going on when I show up, and who comes along side me for my ultimate health and wellness. I think anyone can benefit from MAT.  Obviously athletes who want to reach that next level can benefit, but anyone who moves will benefit!  Having activated muscles and the strength and stability that follows affects all of life, because all of life involves movement.   When we walk, sit at a desk, go to the grocery store, chase kids, hike a mountain....all we do involves movement.

Erik is an asset for anyone looking for a  partner in health. He listens and address what is going on right at the moment. When I went in I was having tension in my neck and couldn't raise my arms above my head. When I left I could raise both arms over my head with out any pain at all! 

Erik listens, address the issue, and delivers results.

Sheena M.

Muscle Activation Techniques is an absolute must for athletes! Our family was first introduced to MAT five years ago and have found it to be a must, just like proper nutrition, sleep, and rest is to our young athletes.  Then we found Erik Korop and he is AMAZING!!! He has helped both of my daughters who play volleyball, soccer, track, and basketball as well as many other high-intensity, high-demand activities.  He works with our schedule, understands the high demands put on these student athletes and has an amazing bed-side manner that is the perfect combination of professional and relational. Erik truly cares about the whole person and is willing to talk to the student athletes about the importance of not only nutrition, rest, hydration and therapy, but he also focuses on respect, social media, and grades if you ask him from a parent perspective!! Throughout our many years with sports involvement and watching not only our own daughters but other athletes as well, it becomes very apparent who is utilizing MAT versus those who are not.  The athletes who are using MAT therapy return to the “court” quicker and stronger from acute injuries and are not experiencing as many overuse injuries as other athletes not utilizing this tool.    

          We have been extremely impressed with Erik’s personalization of his treatments to the individual and he strives and prides himself on helping the athlete to return to the “court” as soon as possible while maintaining a level of realistic expectations of what is best for each individual athlete.  Without hesitation or reservation, I would highly suggest giving MAT, and especially Erik a try!

D & G Ruff

One of our daughters has been playing volleyball for 4 years.  As she has become a more serious athlete and began year round training she started to experience overuse, discomfort, and pain.  Once she began working with Erik last year, she began to have improved body function.  She is now able to perform with better mobility and reliability.  While she has had a few acute injuries during the time that she has been working with Erik she has been able to recover and return to volleyball much quicker.  We believe that she also has had fewer injuries because of the benefit of MAT.   

          Our other daughter has been a dancer for 13 years, and she has had back, hip, feet, and ankle injuries.  Since working with Erik this past year she has had much less discomfort and overuse pain.  She's seen better range of motion, increased flexibility, an increase in the ease of movements as she requires a lot from her body, and best of all she has remained injury free since working with Erik.  

          One thing that was extremely impressive about working with Erik was that he adapts his treatments to fit the need of the athlete.  He makes his treatment plan very individual per their activity and needs. Both of our girls are very different athletes and require different things from their bodies.  We are very pleased with the personal interest that Erik has shown to our girls.  He is very professional, engaging, encouraging and shows interest in their success.  We feel very strongly that they have both benefited greatly from working with Erik.

G. Gonzalez

I am a massage therapist in Colorado Springs and as most people know it can be a very physically demanding job. Things like regular massage, yoga and MAT are crucial components of my self care routine. I see Erik once a month for a MAT session and I always fell more balanced and rejuvenated when we conclude our session. Erik's techniques are calculated, effective an tailored to the individual. He definitely has a strong grasp on anatomy, how the body moves and what causes imbalances in the body. On top of that he does a fantastic job at educating you on the table while giving you tips for your everyday life outside of the treatment room. I would recommend Erik and MAT to anyone who is serious about self care and prevention care. I got results after my first session and keep coming back for more.

Gabriela Gonzalez LMT, CCT, RYT200

Owner of Third Eye Open Massage

Alli O.

I went into MAT after 2 ACL reconstructions, desperate to get back into skiing shape. Two weeks prior to my appointment, I tweaked my knee while skiing and limped into see Erik. After an hour and a half of work with him, I walked out of there like a new woman! No limp, knee feeling great. He gave me a series of exercises to do everyday after that. They took about 20 minutes a day but I did them religiously. Since seeing Erik, I’ve skied 4 days and have noticed a HUGE difference. My knee feels stronger and more stabilized. There is no pain!!   

I honestly thought I would just be stuck with knee pain forever, but seeing Erik and experiencing MAT gave me hope that I can be pain-free and do all the athletic activities I love!!   

If you’re on the fence about MAT, I highly recommend you try it!! It has improved my life in many ways and I’m a huge believer in it now (I tell all my friends)

Alli Owen

Co-owner of 

Brooke M.

MAT has been one of the best experiences I've had as an athlete. With extensive injuries to both of my legs, from my hips to my knees to my shins to my ankles to my toes, MAT quickly took all of my muscular problems away. I'd been playing through the pain for months and within two sessions of MAT I was back to normal and did not need the assistance of braces, athletic tape, or ace bandages. Going through the sessions was really worth it and very helpful to my athletic career. I highly recommend MAT to anyone who is experiencing any muscle aches or pains, as I've learned they might actually be signals of a much bigger problem.

Jessica K.

After Tevin had experienced a severe surgery repairing a severed patella tendon, fractured tibia and a broken growth plate, he had a long road of recovery to return to basketball. Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) treatments allowed for Tevin to regain the correct muscle function when physical therapy alone couldn't help get him back into strong playing shape. I was skeptical at first, but after witnessing where my son was at before MAT to where he is now, I highly recommend MAT to anyone who has experienced any type of muscular restriction. He is now able to play basketball four months post surgery. Thank you Erik for helping my son advance to that next level once again.

G. & K. Willemarck

My husband and I both live very active lifestyles. We mountain bike, golf, CrossFit, hike and run. We both occasionally experience imbalances in our muscles from overuse and inflammation. My sciatica tends to occasionally become so unbearable from this overuse that I can hardly move without excruciating pain. One MAT session with Erik can significantly improve these systems and usually before the session is over! I spent years working with doctors and find more relief from one MAT session than any MD could even come close to providing. My husband had horrible plantar fasciitis, hip and shoulder pain. He has also experienced the same benefits with MAT but only after he spent thousands of dollars on orthotics and working with doctors. We both highly recommend this treatment and wish we would have learned about it much sooner than we did. 

Carrie L.

Erik with MAT is a miracle worker! Throughout the appointments I've had with Erik my body was activated and strengthened, and I was able to move and feel better then I have in over 30 years. After my first treatment I felt like I was physically lighter and taller. I only wish I had taken advantage of his expertise years earlier, especially since I am an avid Tough Mudder participant!

Carrie Lukins

Sellstate Alliance Realty

K. Miller

I was referred to Erik in the late Summer of 2018. I had been in excruciating pain with my lower back and hip area. I had completed two rounds of physical therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture over a 15 month period. I was desperate to get some relief as I own my own health care company and needed to be pain free. The results of my very first appointment with Erik were fantastic, and relieved a lot of my pain. I continue to see Erik and received a lot of relief. Turns out Erik had helped tremendously, but after he recommended getting a MRI, it was discovered that I had severe arthritis in my left hip and it left me with bone-on-bone. I had no choice but a full hip replacement. I am 2 weeks out post op and doing extremely well as I continued, per my doctor's request, with Erik and MAT right up to my surgery! I would recommend Erik and MAT to anyone suffering with joint or muscle pain.

Kathy Miller

Owner/Founder of

Gentle Shepherd Home Care

Adrian M.

After our daughter tore her ACL we were told by her surgeon that her road to recovery would be one of the most difficult experiences she would have to endure.  That was an understatement to say the least.  Shortly after physical therapy began, it became clear that her progression had hit a wall and regardless of what she tried, she wasn’t seeing the results she wanted.  

After speaking with Erik and discussing the benefits of the MAT system, Erik assessed her needs, created a plan to assist in resetting her muscles to fire as they should, and implemented the plan.  Over the span of a few sessions, our daughter’s performance progressed to the point of remarkable results.  There were times in which her Physical Therapist was in awe of the strides that were made.  

I cannot stress enough how much Erik and the MAT system he employs has helped our daughter.  She is more prepared now than ever and is looking to dominate her competition when she competes.

Coach Adrian Manzanares

Arsenal Fastpitch Softball

Nancy C.

For years I have suffered from shoulder and neck pain due to working numerous hours on a computer. I finally had enough, and that's when I started working with Erik and his MAT process. After the initial assessment he said that the majority of my issues where related to and coming from my unstable spine, and after that first session of bringing stability to my spine, shoulder, and neck areas I felt GREAT! He also explained to me that it's because of what I do for work that the issues continue to hang around. He also explained that I has taken me years to get in this shape, and that it will take some time to get me back to where I want to be. Needless to say, when I am finished with Erik on that given day I feel GREAT! I also understand that it's a process of undoing all that I've done, that's why I see Erik about every three to four weeks. I HIGHLY recommend Erik and MAT to anyone that daily works on computers! 

Paula A.

My daughter tore her ACL andhad to have reconstructive surgery, and we have seen Erik for MAT as part of her rehab. Although she didn't have pain in her ACL after surgery, she had a lot of stiffness and soreness in her hip, quad and hamstring. MAT has helped restore proper muscle function in just a few treatments. Erik is super knowledgeable and does a great job of explaining what is going on and what needs to be done to correct it. I really appreciate his results-oriented approach to help athletes get back to performing at their best.

J. Brackney

Both of our boys are very active athletes. Without Erik's MAT work they wouldn't be able to perform to the elite level they are able to. My oldest made it onto the USA Football team for his age, and the youngest to the Super Bowl with his AYL team and also won his baseball tournament ring in Arizona in 2018. Erik was able to see an incorrect motion in their running and corrected it within just a few sessions. Now they run with extreme power and ease of movement. Even if you think your kids are at a high level of performance, I highly recommend bringing your child to do MAT with Erik. He will find areas of compensation that your child didn't even know they had, and Erik can help improve their athleticism. I highly recommend Erik to any family that has elite athletes!

Tony D.

I started playing softball with my co-workers and was constantly being injured, in my hamstrings, to the point I had to stop playing. I met with Erik to discuss MAT and received treatment along with some exercises to perform before I played. The same day as the treatment I had a doubleheader. I was running full speed and had NO PAIN or injuries!! I can't recommend Erik and MAT highly enough!! CALL HIM!!

Owner, D'Alessio Insurance Agent

Kristen R.

I was in pain for months. After 40 physical therapy appointments I NEEDED a different approach. Erik was able to relieve that pain. I recommend MAT to anyone with ongoing issues!

Owner of Healthy Living with Kristen

Melissa S.

Being an athletic family we put our bodies through quite a lot of stress. Thanks to MAT we are able to function and compete at our optimum level on the competitive court or just with our day to day activities. Thanks Erik!

D. Ridderhoff

Thanks to Erik and MAT! I was training to run a half marathon and was experiencing hip and piriformis pain. Erik was able to teach me muscle activation techniques and exercises to not only continue running, but to stay strong and run the entire race. I'm completely sold on MAT and highly recommend it for any type of athlete!

Leon L.

My son struggled for 3 months with groin pain during workouts and aching after full sprint running.  Doctors tested my son for a hernia, which was negative.  He rested his injury and received adjustments from a chiropractor for 2 months to try and correct the issue. None of the rest or chiropractor adjustments helped and the pain persisted.  I was referred to Erik by another parent of an athlete that said he did amazing work with muscle injuries.  Erik evaluated my son, identified areas of muscle weakness and corrected the issues.  My son was back to normal workouts with no pain after one session!   One word… Amazing!

D. Lorrig

Erik has really helped keep my daughter comfortable and fit as a ballet dancer. Thanks, in part, to his expert assistance, she was able to perform pain free and in top form in The Nutcracker as the Sugar Plum Fairy this past December. Dance is an extremely challenging physical activity and MAT treatment helps to keep her at the top of her game. We recommend Erik wholeheartedly and without reservation!

Margaret L.

Our daughter is a very active volleyball player. She came down on another player's foot during practice. Her ankle had pain and it was likely a strain. She did not have a week to rest with upcoming practices and a game in three days. So we decided to get her a session with Erik. He identified areas of muscle weakness, corrected the issues, and the pain was alleviated in the first session! Erik gave her some exercises for home. She returned to practice, had full functionality, and confidence to play on her ankle. We scheduled more sessions for maintenance and strengthening. We highly recommend Erik and MAT to anyone suffering joint and muscle pain. Erik and MAT made a difference!