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What is MAT?



1  CAM: Comparative Assessment of Mobility = Range of Motion Exam to Locate the Inhibiting Muscle in that Range's Loss of Motion

2  AMC&S: Active Muscle Contract and Sustain = Individual Muscle or Specific Division of Muscle Testing

3  DFAMAT: Digital Force Application to Muscle Attachment Tissue = Palpation of Muscle's Origin and Insertion/Neurological Reseting 

4 PIC: Positional Isometric Contraction = Specific Exercise that Reaffirms the Communication of the Muscle with the Central Nervous System

What is MAT?

Listen to the Founder and Developer of Muscle Activation Techniques

No one describes MAT better then its founder and developer!

Erik Korop, Owner of GetMATFit


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Videos That Open Your Eyes!

This is a Must Watch for everyone, especially athletes! If I told you that MAT could increase your muscle contractile efficiency output by 200%, would you at least listen?

This video discusses the mechanics of dynamic stretching, and how it effects muscle force output and stability.  The results will definitely surprise you.

How does foam rolling affect the contraction speed and force output of muscle tissue?

This video discusses the mechanics of foam rolling the IT band and other lateral connective tissue.  The results may surprise you.

What People Get From MAT?


Before an MAT™ treatment, people often complain that they don't feel right, that they have pain, or they don't have the ability to do what they've always done. They are seeking for muscle care, restoring motion, but don't know where to begin.

They feel broken, limited range of motion, and/or restricted movements.


Once the inhibited muscles are discovered and re-activated restoring motion, those activities that used to be enjoyed become easy again and the ability to do them returns.

Activities feel effortless again due to stability through motion.


With the new (or re-found) abilities, a treatment may have just allowed you to discover a new hobby or adventure, by restoring motion, that you never thought was possible before MAT™, as well as get back to your everyday activities.

MAT improves and changes lives, let it change yours

Who I Am

Erik Korop, MAT Specialist


Erik was introduced to Muscle Activation Techniques™ in 2014 through a fellow MAT™ Specialist, who has been practicing MAT™ since 2004. Erik immediately saw the many benefits of this non-medical process that has the ability to benefit every athlete at any level, as well as non-athletes. After finishing the Muscle Activation Techniques internship, Erik became certified as a Specialist himself. Erik is the owner and founder of GetMATFit and currently lives in Colorado Springs, CO with his wife. His passion is to deliver the benefits of MAT™ to as many people as possible and help them get back to the activities they enjoy on a daily basis, leading to a higher quality of life. 

Erik started his career as a Strength and Conditioning coach at the collegiate level and then moved on to the professional ranks with the New York Mets. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Exercise and Movement Science from the University of Oregon in 2002. Prior to attending the University of Oregon, Erik began his college experience playing baseball at Lane Community College (Eugene, OR) and then Rockford College (Rockford, IL). In 2004, he became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. Stepping away from professional sports in 2006, Erik founded, developed, and helped build a rapidly expanding youth athletic training franchise, RedLine Athletics. After creating all of the protocols and systems, Erik remained with RedLine Athletics for over 10 years and served as the Vice President of Sports Performance for RedLine Athletics Franchising, as well as the Director of Sports Performance for RedLine Athletics of Colorado Springs, CO.

In 2017, Erik and his wife opened Ground Up Sports Performance, located in Colorado Springs. They are co-owners and the General Manager & Office Manager. Ground Up specializes in preparing and developing athletes to be ready for, and dominate, the competition when the opportunity arises. With his knowledge of MAT, Ground Up incorporates many of the MAT principles into the training that the athletes use on a daily basis. Ground Up also provides education and fitness training for non-athletes of all ages, helping them to live their best life possible. 

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